Future Prospects

Firm Steps and Great Visions


top’s mission is to fulfill its commitment to customers: satisfying customers with quality service. Digital convergence allows digital cable TVs to incorporate integrated services consolidating television and broadband Internet. To provide customers with wide-bandwidth, steady and affordable broadband Internet access, top plans to construct fiber-optic networks and local subsidiary headends to achieve significantly higher transmission rate and quality.

A platform for integrating fixed lines and broadband Internet is the essential foundation of service convergence. Therefore, top’s future priority is to invest in infrastructure for fixed lines and broadband Internet, and develop cross-platform application services. The cross-platform services are expected to provide clients with immediate and convenient television viewing as well as quality and diversified services for both enterprises and individuals, to enable clients to roam in a fast and colorful digital world.

Future services top aims to provide: 

Smart home management – remote home monitoring, temperature and light control

Cloud storage – remote control and cloud storage

TV Everywhere – Extending the TV Screen to handheld device screens

Local services – Home security, smart energy saving, smart healthcare, digital learning