The 21st century is an era of knowledge economy but also of uncertainty, requiring corporates to constantly take inspect, challenge and surpass themselves, and also apply strategies, creativity and innovation to thrive in fierce competition. Innovation should be applied to every aspect of business, not only in product design and marketing, but also in management and organizational structures. Enhancing competitiveness of core business areas is equally important. Only through advancing with the market and thinking outside the box can corporates achieve sustainable development in the ever-changing environment.

Taiwan Optical Platform is a holding company integrating multiple local cable systems, and also the only MSO in Taiwan developed from local cable TV systems. Using readily available cable TV networks as foundation, top develops broadband Internet services, and collaborates with strategic partners to expand business scale and boost competitiveness in central Taiwan. Today, top is the fourth largest MSO in Taiwan.

As cable TV industry stands at the turn of a new era, top continues to grow at a steady pace. top’s current scope of business includes cable TV broadcast service, installation, advertisement, channel lease, pay TV packages, broadband Internet service, local network, leased line and other services, with service areas covering Taichung City, Nantou County, Changhua County and Yunlin County. Our growth and success largely owe to our employees’ devotion and clients’ trust. At the heart of our company are the founding believes in firm steps and constant innovation, the corporate culture of integrity, and commitment to improving quality. These values are embodied by each and every of our employees’ earnest devotion to their duties, which continues to win us confidence and trust from both customers and partners.

The advance of technology is driving rapid changes in the market, and corporates are faced with immense challenges. We believe the only path to sustainable management is through constant innovation and renewals, fostering professional growth and development, and improving management efficacy. In the future, we will continue to pride ourselves on being a responsible and innovative company, guiding society, delivering quality products and agile services, pursuing excellence and perfections, and contributing to different verticals with our skills and strengths to bring forth prosperous and sustainable development!